Collection: Mi’kmaq Designs by Randy Hamilton

Randy Hamilton is an Indigenous artist and a proud member of the Sipekne'katik band, and grew up most of his life surrounded by his family and loved ones on the Indian Brook reservation, now known as Sipekne'katik. Randy began his artistic journey at a very young age, blah blah blah... That's how all these bios tend to start out... Its not that simple with Randy though... Randy Hamilton is a certified Audio Engineer, an accomplished musician, and presently hosts a show on CKDU 88.1FM called “Right Deadly Radio Show.” The guy was even a pro wrestler at one point! I know it sounds a little crazy, but its all true. If you're wondering how someone ends up on such a diverse and unique life journey, look no further than Randy's mother, Rose Michael.

“My mother never tried to hold me back, she always just let me run with it, anything I ever wanted to try she just let me give it my best. If I failed, I failed, if I succeeded, I succeeded. I just did my own thing, always. Mom never told me I had to be this or that, or that I needed to have a good job, or go to a good school, or that I had to have a plan B. She just let me be myself. She let me learn my own lessons, and walk my own path in life. It got bumpy some times, but I learned to find my way” (Randy Hamilton.)

Randy has always pursued his dreams, no matter how they changed and evolved over time. Though eventually, after marrying his beloved wife Liz Hamilton, and becoming a father, he felt that he should seek some degree of financial stability, as so many eventually do. Randy went from job to job over the years, never truly finding his place... Eventually as Randy began to develop health issues, he knew there was something deeper going on... He had left his path, his journey of self discovery for a life of perceived stability... Determined to find his way back, Randy began to focus all of his energy toward his family, and his creativity. He has again chosen to walk his own path. In the pursuit of his artistic creativity that path has now brought him to the North American Indigenous Games, as a designer !!!....crazy eh!

“The only journey we are meant to take is our own, and only there will we find happiness and fulfillment.” (Randy Hamilton)